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2014 Update
Because so many of you are calling and asking, we wanted to update you on the status of the league for 2014.  Yes, we are planning on having both a July season and a fall season as we did last year!!!

It is not too early to get your application in, but we won't start approving them until April.  Deadline will be early June.

We hope all of you are are having a great spring and we can't wait to see you again in July!  Feel free to call (662) 539-2440 with any questions and please help us spread the word with your teammates so that we can continue to get even bigger and better!!! 

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Thanks for the Great Season

We would like to thank everyone for the great season, including Nolan Brothers, the City of New Albany, the Bank of Holly Springs, Riddle Heating and Air, Robert Crosswhite's Sportscountry, the coaches, the players, their families, and our many fans!!!!!!!! Also, congratulations to the Mudcats, our 2013 fall champions.

We wish the best for all of you this spring and we hope to see all of you again in one of our leagues next year!!  

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All Star Teams for Sunday

Please arrive between 3:15 and 3:30 to participate in our All-Star game which will be going on at the same time as our LCS Championship game.  We will be on ESPN Radio 96.3 at 4:00 pm trying to cover all 4 games and we hope to have a special guest there for you to meet and greet.

Alex's Amazing All-Stars

Caleb Haney, Josh Long, Tripp Mills, Connor Griffin, Kyle Coombs, Mason McBride, Gavin Mitchell, Logan Russell, Lane Bishop, Peyton Jolly, Brett McDonald, Hunter Nanney, Devin Hester

Whitaker's Wunderkids

Chase Scruggs, Dylan Gillentine, Thaniel Tackett, Britton Smith, Raybric Mims, JG Wood, Ryan Smith, Holden Daniel, Skylar Michael, Connor Hendrix, John Swinney, Jordan Hill, Cole Means  

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